Schoen Property Specialist wants to help you get the most enjoyment out of your home by keeping your property looking fresh! We specialize in both residential and commercial properties, large or small, in the Palm Beach and Martin County area. We would be happy to maintain your property weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal basis. Call our office today to get a quote on your property! 561.662.3109

Lawn Maintenance
Lawn Maintenance


Are you tired of spending your weekends doing yard work instead of hanging out with your friends and family? Let us give you your time back by setting you up on our schedule for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly base. By getting on our schedule you don't have to worry about keeping your lawn looking fresh because we do it for you. During our lawn service we also edge sidewalks, driveways and curbs, weed eat around structures, and clean up our clippings from your walk ways.


Plant Trimming
Shrub and Hedge Trimming


Their are many tips and tricks when trimming shrubs and hedges. We trim to improve the overall appearance of your landscaping. Many people don't know that if you do to much trimming at one time it could cause the plant long term damage, so we suggest getting on our schedule to keep your landscaping well taken care of and healthy. We can control the plant size and shape, keep shrubs well proportioned and dense.

Fertilizing and Weed Control
Fertilization/Weed Control


Schoen Property Specialist can keep your yard properly nourished by adding the right amount and type of fertilizer your yard needs to look beautiful year round and by also keeping your yard weed free from the proper weed control.